yikes stripes: blogging slowdown (not a hodown)

First off, I want to apologize for the ridiculous blogging slowdown that's been going on at Fickle Kitsch. My senior year is taking up a lot more time than anticipated--yowza! I've also been doing almost exclusively long, writing-intensive posts that do take a while for me prepare. So I wanted to ask my fabulous readers: would you prefer I stick with the sporadic longer posts or would you like to see more short posts with the long ones still mixed in? I'd like to post more, but not if just seeing a pair of shoes I'm gaga over isn't enough meat for you. Let me know in the comments!

But I do still have a lot of stuff in the works! Upcoming, I've got a piece about stylish business wear, another Fictional Fashion Icon, and a series that goes a little more in-depth with makeup. I'm also considering working some recipes and housewares in: yay or nay?

I'll be back soon...stay fickle! ♥

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