my style: scarf it up

You will never guess what I wore today, folks! (I really need some sort of term of address for you, dear readers. T.Lo have "kittens," maybe you should be "kitschens." Must investigate further.) Just yesterday, I was thinking about scarves. I have never worn a scarf, I thought to myself. Then I steeled myself. I will blog about my desire to wear a scarf and pledge to do so in the next week. Well, hold onto your pickles, because I wore a scarf today.

awww yesss (Sorry for these ridiculous self-taken mirror shots, my roomies never seem to be home when I want to show off my outfit!)

I was trying to figure out what to wear to class, and settled on a newer purple top. It came with a fabric necklace that I'm not a huge fan of, so I know I need to accessorize it another way. I'd worn my go-to necklaces a few too many times to this class, and I wanted to change it up. Suddenly, I spied the scarf my sister had given me for my birthday! Just the right color and with some fabulous ruffles, I suspected that today was the day, the time was now (then), and I would feel like a French butterfly wearing my scarf. And it was true: I felt chic and fabulous!

I'd always thought that wearing a scarf would be difficult. It seems like one of those effortlessly chic things that in fact take a whole lot of effort, like putting on enough makeup to make it look like you aren't wearing any or those adorable little boots that will secretly eat your feet, leaving naught but blistered stumps in their wake. But it turns out, wearing a scarf is...just wearing a scarf. Wrap it around your neck and go.

There are other bloggers who have tons of great ideas on how to wear scarves (I've spent the past twenty minutes trying to track a particular post down for you, but it's not happening. Bitter failure!), and I would definitely recommend checking out a few of those or a few youtube videos if you're unsure of how to wear it. I've only just had my first scarf-wearing experience today...I'm pretty sure I'm not yet qualified to comment!

Most importantly, I paired my scarf and top with black jeans and these beautiful babies:

SO Glorianna Ankle Boots in houndstooth

When I first saw these in a catalog, a nearby dog spontaneously grew human vocal chords and said "Jennifer, you were meant to own these boots." True Story. I adore them.

Opinion Time! I know a lot of blogs rely heavily (or even solely) on "What I Wore" posts. Fickle Kitsch is never going to be a photodiary of my every fashion statement, but would you be interested in seeing some outfit pics when I've got one I'm particularly happy with? Let me know!


  1. Where did you buy those boots?! I need them!

    Signed-- a spontaneous chick who was searching the net in search of a hot pair of boots and stumbled upon your blog. ;)

  2. @Filipina Foodista They're from Kohl's, but I think they're from last season...I haven't seen them there. Good luck finding them!



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