fictional fashion icons: penny

I'm back! I've been on staycation for the past couple days, but that just means I'm raring to go with lots of new content and inspiration!

I thought for my first return post, I'd try something I hope could become a regular theme for posts here. Everyone loves a good fashion icon post, but after a while they can get a bit stale. Sure, I love Audrey Hepburn's classic chicness and who doesn't want to look at more pictures of Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren? But we all know they're icons, and I'd like to do something a little bit different: fictional characters. Who has watched a movie/show/special and gone "Oh man, I need her boots/top/whole dang outfit!"? Let's raise our's not just me, right? Even if it is, all the more reason for me to share!

The first character whose wardrobe I covet is: Penny (Felicia Day) of the internet smash Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog WARNING: this post contains MAJOR SPOILERS! If you have not yet watched this fabulous piece of online cinema, do that and then read this post (come on, it's only 45 minutes). Also fair warning: these pictures are WIDE. I downsized them a lot, but I don't want to make them any smaller and lose detail/quality, so...oh well!

First off, I'll just say that, much like Dr. H himself, love her hair! I've tried often to recreate the same color and I'll just say that my results have been less fabulous than hers. I picked Penny because her style is very boho/shabby-chic and quiet; it doesn't look like she puts a lot of effort into how she looks, but she looks adorable nonetheless.

I love this hoodie. The little floral detailing on the sleeves and scrollwork on the breast is so cute; it's a perfect combination of slouchy/comfy and adorable. I'm digging the tunic too, though I've never been able to make a tunic look like anything besides a woefully badly fitting shirt in the harsh light of the dressing room. Tips?

I am just going to say right now that I have a deep and passionate love for cardigans, and that is the cardigan of my heart. At first glance, you think "oh, a lovely little floral!" but you're WRONG, because it has gorram birds on it! Birds! Plus: the little sleeve! Quite frankly, I'm in love. Also loving the top/skirt combo...I always have trouble with colored skirts/pants/what have you. I worry that I won't be able to match them to anything, so I end up with lots of neutrals (black, gray, brown) on the bottom. This skirt is a lovely color, but it also seems to work as a neutral here? Maybe I'm insane.

Another cardigan, glorious! And I know, this is the saddest thing ever, but I had to include the cap because...I love her shoes. Love them. Every time I watch DH, I'm distracted from my tears by "ooh, look at those." It's something of a comfort to me. Also really enjoying the blue dress with the deep red hair. It's a lovely contrast.

There you have it! The fabulous outfits of poor homeless-loving vegetarian Penny. My next fashion icon will probably be a little more out-there...less everyday cute and more glitz. That's all I'm saying for now!

All images are from In a Dream Caps


  1. I love her singing voice, thats where I was sold.

    She is really cute though, no wonder dr horrible loves her.

  2. I love her voice too, the adorable cardigans are a bonus! Felicia Day is so cute.



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