i bought it: buxom big & healthy lip stick

I turned 21 on Saturday (and had a great yet fairly staid time. My idea of a party generally includes more dip and less malt beverage than the average college student), but this is not an entry about me. It's about my lips.

Recommendation posts have tentatively been named "I Bought It (And So Should You)," and I had some general ideas about awesome things I've used in the past that I'd want to share. But in putting my face on for my birthday, a new contender jumped to the forefront!

I don't know how it goes for the rest of you, but when I buy new makeup, it usually ends up sitting in my bag for a while until the proper moment comes along and I go "AHA!" My AHA for Saturday was Big & Healthy Lip Stick from BareEscentual's Buxom line.

Snazzy! I got mine from Sephora

First off, it has all kinds of like, vitamins and minerals and all that stuff, so this is totally awesome for you and should be included as a health purchase not a beauty one (it even has "healthy" in the name!) Next, this thing lasts. I knew I was tempting fate a bit going with a bold red lip when I'd be out and about and maybe not have time to retouch. But I slapped it on and threw it in my purse anyway. I did not have to retouch once. This stuff lasted through eating, drinking (from bottles, glasses, AND straws), and the general wear and tear. It was a tiny bit faded at the end of the night (6 hours later!), but not noticeably; I have Barcelona ("scarlet apple") and it's a very deep red on me, which I love, but it just faded into a slightly lighter but still totally wearable red. No feathering, no "eaten off" look on the inside. Definitely an A+ in lasting.

And, finally, Big & Healthy is awesome because...it's like a big crayon for your face! You get to line your lips with it, then color them in! It's totally fun, and there's a built-in sharpener in the bottom so you can keep the point nice and fresh. I will definitely pick up several more colors of this when I next refresh my makeup collection.


  1. I love that you call it a crayon for your face! I've been calling my lip stain a marker too ;) It just suits it.
    Sounds like you love it! I'm very glad. :D

  2. Ooh, I like that stuff too! I have it in Milan, a nice peachy nude. I can't quite pull of the scarlet-lipped look, but it looks great on you.



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