i heart etsy: untamed menagerie

Etsy is such a darling of the fashion blogosphere (and internet at large) that it seems like a foregone conclusion, but every time I mention it I find new people who have never been there. So I feel it's part of my solemn duty to mention it as often as possible so everyone can go buy adorable accessories, outfits, crafty things, and gifts of all types. I buy gifts almost exclusively from Etsy; it's the only place I can find something individual and quirky for all of my friends that won't break the budget. Plus, supporting independent creators is always awesome. I secretly dream of opening my own Etsy shop to sell all of the beautiful yet quirky handcrafts I make in my big airy studio (with a dressform in it), skipping around thrift stores and flea markets in a cute vintage jumper dress to collect bits and pieces to twist into wonderful things. Unfortunately, I don't make...anything, really. And I don't have a studio...or a jumper. All tragedies that will one day be corrected, I'm sure. But for now, I'll have to support other fabulous Etsians.

I first found UntamedMenagerie last Christmas in my search for Psychology-themed jewelry. I didn't end up purchasing the inkblot necklace I found there, but I kept it in my favorites and stumbled back to it today. In the half a year since I viewed the shop, it's either gotten even more awesome or I forgot how awesome it was to begin with in order to preserve the "buy things for other people" spirit of the holidays.

Needless to say, I'm in love.

Carpe Noctem

It's a girl with a bat on a leash. How is that not amazing? Look at those pigtails!

Marine Antoinette

Seriously. Who in their right mind would not want to wear these zany, beautiful things around their neck?


...or on their finger? It's a bird!

The designs are either stainless steel or black acrylic, as far as I can see, and make sure you read the listing carefully to see whether the pendant you're ordering comes with a chain or not (chains are also available for purchase in the shop). These are gorgeous, strange, and insanely well-priced; I suspect one or two will end up en route to my school mailbox not too far in the future.


  1. daaaayym!! those are really cool stuff!!!!!

    i love the batman necklace!!! may i grab your pic? ill show it to my friends.

  2. I know! There's even more gorgeous stuff on the page.

    The pics are straight from Etsy, feel free!



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