the right stuff: perfect outfits of my imagination

With only three weeks (from today!) until classes start again, I'm getting myself back into school-mode. This year is especially exciting for a number of reasons: it will be my last year, I'll have an apartment to share with some special friends,'s my last year. I always have grand ideas of what I'm going to wear; this year, I'll become stylish. This year I'll put the effort into my outfits that I wish I would. There's no way to tell whether any of that will actually come to pass (though I have a feeling that this is the year), but making outfits on Polyvore is a lot easier than actually getting dressed and much cheaper, so I've developed a few of my dream outfits to share with you. Please note that none of these items costs more than $50.

Who wouldn't want to go to class like this? A slouchy cardigan to keep comfortable over a cute patterned tank. I have an incredible weakness for cameos and cute little headbands (to be honest, I resisted putting a cameo in all the outfits). But it's class, so a nice pair of straight-legged jeans and ballet flats finish off the ensemble.

Getting off campus is always fun, for a little coffee date (I don't drink coffee, but there's never a shortage of hot cocoa or smoothies) or something else fun and cheap. I love military themed clothing, and I love vests, so this one has sort of captured my heart. The starkness of a military theme with a pretty ruffley blouse and a foofy skirt, and some bangles. Two-toned flats (a neutral pump would be awesome too, but I have to walk down a pretty steep hill to get off-campus, so I would probably save my feet for this) make it perfect and tie it all together with a little twee bow.

I adore these shoes. They might not be the absolute perfect choice with the rest of the styling, but I couldn't leave them out. The dress is simple enough to let the color do the work, and leaves it open for plenty of styling options. Like that precious cardigan and awesome ring. And how unbelievably cute are those tights? A little splash of cuteness in an unexpected place will always charm me. I would wear this to a more formal event, like a gallery show or to the theater. I don't have a lot of formal opportunities at school, but I think I have to make more. I love a pretty dress.

If only I owned more pieces like these...this post has kind of become an accidental shopping list for me! If nothing else, I know that I'll be wasting many more hours creating beautiful looks on Polyvore; does it count as wasting if I share them with you, beautiful bloggites?

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