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This time on i heart etsy, I'd like to spotlight an Etsy seller that I've actually ordered from! Spoonfulofchocolate primarily creates awesome things from books; since I'm obviously an internet warrior, you might be surprised, but I love books. I have every since I was but a baby blogger playing Science Shop With Munker (a fabulous game on 6 floppy disks). The popularity of book crafts both thrills and horrifies me; I can't help but be struck to the very heart at the idea of cutting up poor books, but I would love to display my bookish nerdy side through some fabulous accessories. Luckily, spoonfulofchocolate's creations can be enjoyed without worry: only the covers are used, and the rest of in-tact book is donated to a local refugee center.

Retro Pink Cookbook Handbag

How darling is that? Perfect for fans of retro or cooking or books or purses (ooh, me!). I love the pink especially because a lot of the time I feel too Barbie wearing full pieces in pink, but I love the freshness and youth of the color--awesome for accessories!

World Atlas Briefcase Handbag

While the first one was bright and very wink-wink-nudge-nudge bookworm-chic, the best thing about this one (to me) is that it's not obviously a book at first glance. It looks very sleek and professional, but there's that neat twist when you look closer and see it's made from an atlas!

The store also has very sneaky passport holders, shelves made from books, other nifty things, and--something I find really neat--PDF tutorials in case you want to DIY any of her projects. You shouldn't need to DIY, though, because custom orders are totally workable. I wanted a custom passport holder for a Christmas present, and she was immensely friendly, helpful, and responsive. It was something of a rush job, and despite difficulty finding a workable copy of one of the books I wanted, the gift arrived on time (which was very important, since the friend in question was jetting off the far abroad mere days later). The craftsmanship was excellent as well--I heartily recommend spoonfulofchocolate for all your book handicraft needs!

Are you a bookworm? Do you think books-as-accessories is fabulous or sacrilegious?


  1. Dude, I love it too. I just got 20 sided die rings. Sooooooo excited!!

  2. @Traveler@large The nerdy stuff is the besttt; I got D20 earrings for a friend a while back!

  3. I am a total bookworm and love bookish accessories. Definitely not sacrilegious!

  4. @herlongwayhome Agreed! I'm a little shaky when it involves destroying the book, but for the most part they're too cute to resist!



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