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In order to celebrate the season the best way I know how, I'll be posting the 12 Days of DIY December here. Check back every day for something new to make, bake, or create to get ready for Christmas!

While I was out with a friend this weekend, a popular topic came up: When do you know you're old enough to start sending your own Christmas cards? I'm not sure where that mystical date line is, but I say start sending a card whenever you darn well feel like it!

But why buy a pack of cards at the store when it's way more fun (and super easy) to make one yourself! With just the tiniest (tiniest!) bit of tech know-how, you can make your own holiday card to share with friends and family.

For example, I made this guy in 5 minutes on PicMonkey. (Yes, that is an Inuyasha plushie hanging out on the windowsill amongst the Christmas lights.) They have a ton of great seasonally themed overlays and graphics you can use, plus a variety of fonts to add whatever additional message you like! Pick a great holiday-themed shot, of your home or you and your loved ones, and start editing.

I really wanted to do this post with a picture of me and the cat wearing hilarious holiday-themed hats, but I think I'll save up any good karma I might have in case I actually do decide to attempt that for the Christmas card. I have a feeling it will only occur once (if at all!).

Once you've designed your image (Photoshop it if you're a fancy person who actually owns/knows how to use graphic design programs!), you can print it through any online printing service like Snapfish or VistaPrint. They both actually also offers a card-making service, I believe, so if you have a great photo that you don't want to tweak too much, you can cut out the middle man and just go for it!

I may not be at the age that I'm "expected" to send a Christmas card, but I do love the idea of sending a cute DIY postcard off to my nearest and dearest to remind them that I'm thinking of them during the holiday season! Who knows - maybe the plushie will make the final cut!

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