bake peppermint bark shortbread

In order to celebrate the season the best way I know how, I'll be posting the 12 Days of DIY December here. Check back every day for something new to make, bake, or create to get ready for Christmas!

I first made this recipe back in 2010, my senior year of college (oh, those bygone days!). It was for a cookie exchange party, although somehow it seemed like my household ended up eating the majority of them did that work out?

Anyway, this is my recipe recommendation for all of your:  chocolate & peppermint bark cookies by Cookin Canuck. These cookies combine three great tastes of the holidays: delicious buttery cookies, rich chocolate, and sharp peppermint. These are three of my favorite tastes all year round, in fact, so it's great to have an excuse to throw them all together! The best part is that (say it with me) - they're easy! A lot of holiday cookies are beautiful and delicious, but they require a lot of effort. It is definitely a great time of the year for slow, luxurious baking, but if you have limited time, limited counterspace for advanced cookie maneuvers, or just want to slot in a low-hassle sweet alongside your other more complicated recipes, these are a great option.

I also think these cookies would be optimal if you're looking for a treat to mail; since, like peppermint bark, they can be cut unevenly. No worries about sugar Santa or his reindeer being beheaded through jostling! These will be just as delicious if they arrive in one piece or in ten.

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