make a diy christmas cat toy

In order to celebrate the season the best way I know how, I'll be posting the 12 Days of DIY December here. Check back every day for something new to make, bake, or create to get ready for Christmas!

We humans can't wait to see what Santa has left in our stocking on Christmas your cat can get in on the excitement too!

When my roommate requested a cat-themed project, I was a little dubious. Cats are destroyers, not crafters, and are much more likely to get tangled up in a ball of yarn than knit a charming tea cozy. But a craft for a cat? I knew that Martha would have an idea - the baby sock cat toy! Just fill a baby's sock with dried catnip, stitch it closed, and dangle it from yarn. It's easy and just begging to be holidayfied!

12 Days of Christmas baby sock set from Baby Aspen
How adorable are those? Obviously, these are more socks than you would need for this craft, but if you have a lot of felines on your list (and/or some actual babies), these would make incredibly charming AND seasonally appropriate cat toys! I'd be tempted to add some felt or fur at the cuff to really accentuate the "Christmas stocking" feel, but that would depend on the destructive nature of your cat. Add some red, green, or white yarn and you're ready to tease your cat in holiday style.

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