new year's eve

Happy New Year's Eve! I went straight from holiday to holiday this year; don't worry, we'll be back to real posts as life starts to settle back into place. But tonight is the night for resolutions, making a promise to yourself about the year that you don't intend to keep...okay, so that's a little bit cynical. I'm sure there are lots of people who keep each and every New Year's resolution. I just haven't met any of them!

Despite the snark and the likely failure, I still like to take a look at the year behind and then one at the year ahead and set some goals for myself. And, really, I didn't do too badly on my goals from last year. I have definitely increased the amount of fabulosity in my daily life, I've submitted a story for publication (four rejections and counting!), I do have a job in retail--I was hired for seasonal work, but I've been asked to stay on as a permanent employee which is very exciting! I did a lot of reading over the summer. I still don't have an apartment, and I haven't really made new friends. Transitioning from college life to post-college was (and is) a lot harder than I expected; it's an ongoing process.

My goals for this year are much the same, with some broader ideas to keep the whole year exciting:

  • Be more creative

  • Make friends

  • Go out more (might help with the previous!)

  • Keep challenging what you know about yourself

By this time next year, I hope to have an apartment, a job that can support me and a few indulgences, and a whole new list of goals.

Good luck on your resolutions, if you make them, and best wishes in the coming year!

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