operation update: bits and pieces

Remember how I was updating my room? Well, after rearranging the furniture, things definitely stalled out, but I've made a few little changes in the past couple weeks that have made me happy. It's always those tiny touches that make you smile and help reinvigorate you on a project. I'm looking around the room AS I TYPE and it's actually making me smile. I've got a long way to go, but I'm feeling positive about the path I'm on. Maybe I'll allow myself to enter the home goods section again!

For my birthday, my parents offered to buy me the lamp of my choice. And lo, six months later, I finally found the lamp that was worthy. I got this beauty at World Market (one of my favorite stores!), and I love the vintage feel. It looks like a cool DIY project, which does make me feel a little bit guilty for just buying it outright, but damask! This lamp is actually part of World Market's super nifty Mix and Match Lamps. Just pick a base and then find any shade in the appropriate category: accent, table, or floor. (My guy is an accent lamp!) I actually saw this base ("Greta" in turquoise) over the summer, but I wasn't feeling too passionate about any of the shades. When I stopped in last week and saw matching damask, I was a goner!

The lamp is pictured with a lovely little pail that JUST HAPPENED to match my comforter! I use it to keep pens and pushpins and all those desky things. Pictured with the pail is a sweet pair of Quidditch goggles. Oh yeah, you know you're jealous.

In other way past due news, I put up my wall decal! My mom got me this one way back in spring when I was still away at school. I didn't want to stick it up with only a few months left in my apartment, and then it just kind of sat on my desk for month after month. I was cleaning my room, and when it came time to clear my desk, I was sick of having the decal sprawled out on there and decided to stick it up then and there. It was a very frustrating process (those darn curlicues!), but I do love wall decals, and this one is super "me."

So the whole thing together looks a bit like this:

Go desk, go! It feels like a very Grown Up Writer thing to do, have a cute little desk set up. Now I just have to a) do some writing, b) keep myself away from fabulous office supplies, and c) stop piling up all my clothes on the chair. Those shouldn't be too tough to overcome, right?

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