me party

Sometimes, you need to have a "me party."

Okay, so in The Muppets (which is amazing, by the way) the song is kind of comically depressing, but I am 100% behind the idea of doing fun things by yourself sometimes. Maybe I'm just a hermit (fact), but as much as I enjoy going out with friends, I need time by myself to recharge my batteries. Usually my hermit time is spent at home on the internet, but why should it have to be?

I went to a movie by myself for the first time yesterday, and it was actually a really great experience. I've always been afraid to go places by myself: what if it's boring? what if people think I'm a loser? what if it's just really awkward? This stigma is very strongly attached to movies, but movies are in truth really well-suited to solo adventures. It's all external stimulus, and it's not like you were going to be chitchatting during it anyway (unless you're incredibly rude, but I know all of my readers are impeccable specimens of theater etiquette!). A movie is a great baby-step towards more adventurous "me parties" like going to a restaurant alone (still haven't done that, but with a book, I don't see why I shouldn't!) So when I was sitting on the couch and realized that I really wanted to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and had no one to go gum, I was going to put all the nerves aside and just go!

I enjoyed the movie very much, and it was actually a really good one to see alone: very quiet and intense, good for sitting in silence and puzzling through. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes an intricate and mostly unspoken spy thrillers and British actors. Because I wasn't really alone! I was spending a few hours with some of my very favorite gentleman:

So, when you think about it, it's kind of like I had a really excellent date with Benedict, Gary, Mark, Colin, and Tom. And for those of you who would suspect that I am taking gross advantage of the opportunity to put pictures of enticing gents on my blog, well. I'll have you know that I'm a blogger with very high integrity, and would never stoop to using eye candy to please my readers.

Oops, I dropped something. (Oh, pouty Darcy, you're such a heartbreaker.)

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