fall lust: tights

Fall is in the air, gentle readers! Here in the Midwest we're still experiencing thrilling temperature fluctuations (from 80 to 40 and back up to 70!), but that can only delay the inevitable for so long...it's autumn! True story: fall is my very favorite season for fashion. I love the sweaters, cute outerwear, boots (boots!), little knit caps, rich colors! Since there are so many parts of the season that I love, I thought I would break it up into a few posts about the fashion must haves I'm lusting after this fall.

Today: tights! I am all about tights. They're the fastest and most fashionable way to make any non-pants outfit ready for autumn. A nice pair of wool tights can keep your beskirted self warm on many a chilled fall day, but it's not always about warmth; the move into autumn is a move into much more visually complex looks. Summer is light not just in the physical weight of the clothes, but in their stylistic weight as well. Fall is all about layers and adding visual interest to an outfit. Tights accomplish that in two major ways!

First is adding a pattern. I'm personally a huge fan of sheer black tights with some sort of geometric pattern. I have several pairs...which bear the scars of my love, I discovered on Monday morning. Every single pair of tights had a hole in them! It was beyond tragic, and I will mourn them...but I will also celebrate the opportunity to replenish my wardrobe! I always like to look on the bright side. And, of course, I have my very favorite tights, my tattoo socks! A sassy graphic on your tights is a great way to add some spice to your outfit.

tights tights tights

The other contribution tights can make is color! This is the look that I've experimented with the least and am most excited to try out this fall. I'm feeling a lot braver in my fashion choices, and I love the idea of rocking a bold pair of tights. Right now, I'm kind of obsessed with mustard yellow tights. I haven't quite found the shade I want yet (the ones I've found are either too yellow or too brown, though I'm tempted by the gold ones in the set above), but once I do, you can bet I will snap them up like the last bit of cheesecake!

I always look forward to pulling my tights out when the weather gets crisper. There's just something so put together about a look with tights, and they can be a great way to work new and exciting colors and patterns into your ensemble. Plus: keeping your legs warm so you can wear your skirts and dresses straight through to the winter! What a fabulous article of clothing.

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