operation update: stalling out

Perhaps you've noticed there haven't been many posts about my room update, and that's for a very good (well, a very bad) reason: I've stalled out. My room is back to its usual mess. My chair is covered in clothes, there's an unpacked suitcase on the floor...it's a pretty sad situation.

Why? For me, at least, it's hard to keep dedicated to a project like this with little to no forward momentum. I had a lot of great plans, but even the little ones require some cash--and I'm basically in no-spend mode, since I'm saving for a car. Without a way to move forward, I got stagnant. Plus, there's the constant question of how much work I should put into the room...how soon will I be moving out?

This isn't really too interesting of a post topic, I'm aware, but I've seen a lot of conversation lately about the "perfect lives" of bloggers. I definitely don't think my life looks particularly magical, even on the blog, but I also think it's worthwhile to talk about our little struggles/failures as much as the successes. It's easy to be jealous of a blogger whose life seems to be a series of triumph after triumph, up to their earlobes in glamor.

I don't live in a glamorous world. When I get home from work, I put sweatpants on, and my dog needs Benadryl for his allergies. My bedroom is a bit of a mess, but that's okay. It just means that I need to get my rear in gear and figure out projects I can take on for free...or at the very least, hang up my clothes! Yikes.

In summary:

Procrastination has been my roomie for a long time, but it's no one's friend!

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