lusting: opera gloves

When the venerable Tom and Lorenzo said that opera gloves could be the hot new trend for fall, did I give a little fashionista gasp of joy? Yes, indeed, I did.

Do you have any idea how happy I would be if opera gloves became an acceptable sartorial choice? No, you don't, because my joy would be unfathomable. I am crazy for over the top fashion choices (if you couldn't tell), and I'm dying to wear formal gloves in public without looking ridiculous. They don't even have to be opera gloves! Elbow-length would be totally fine by me! C'mon, fashion gods, do me a solid?

How does one wear opera gloves? Well, I have a few ideas.

a night (not) at the opera

Dress it up! The obvious choice. A pair of opera gloves add a certain mystique and glamour to any outfit. You want to keep it fairly simple when going with a statement that strong; a dress with some visual interest, nice earrings, cute shoes. A clutch with a little bit of a bling keeps up with the fancy quotient without pulling focus.

everyday opera

Or dress it down! No, stay with me, stay with me. "JZ, do you expect me to wear opera gloves out and about on a totally average day?" Well, expect is a pretty strong word, I don't make your wardrobe decisions for you. But I believe you could. Take a super cute going-out outfit, nice top and jeans, walkable but stylish shoes, some sassy jewelry, and add opera gloves. What do you get? MAGIC! Well, maybe not magic, but I think it's pretty fab.

Would you wear opera gloves?

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