hair begone

Did I get my hair did?

Yes, I did. (It's not an April Fool!)

I have been wanting/needing a haircut for a while now. You know how when it's been a while since you got it cut, your hair suddenly can do no right? Everyday it just looks wrong, even though it probably (I hope) looks fine to everyone else, you know that's not what you want. In my case, I needed a color freshen-up and I needed to get some of the weight off. When my hair gets longer and heavier, it weighs down my curls. Some people would be pleased about that, but I'm proud to be a curly girl! I wanted to put a little spring back into my hair's step.

Getting my hair cut in the spring is always a little extra special. I'm looking forward to the long warm months ahead, and I want to make sure that I've got a style that'll feel light and fun when it's hot and sticky out. I went shorter than expected this time...the night before, I'd been extolling to a friend the wonders of just chopping it all off. When I was a senior in high school, I went in for a trim and impulsively decided to cut off a good 10 inches. And I've (seldom) looked back!

The asymmetrical cut has the benefits of being a little bit fun/edgy (while still professional enough for work) and is a built in style. Because I shower at night, I don't have a lot of options to style my hair when I'm actually preparing to go out for the day, so it's nice to have a cut that does something all by itself!

Are any of you planning to try a new 'do for summer? Have you ever committed a chopjob or are you happy with long luxurious locks? Sound off below!

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