lusting: ombre tights

Ombre tights.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Ombre tights!!!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

When I scrolled down and saw these on my screen, my mouth literally (literally!) dropped open. They are gorgeous...both a statement piece and understated, in a way? I can imagine wearing them with a matching or complementary tone and going full-glam as well as pairing them with a simple black dress for some simple elegance. I also love how they'll look different depending on what shoes you wear, pumps or boots will totally transform them.

Even though I suspected it, it was still disappointing to click the link and find that they only come in the insidious "one size fits most"...with a max of 5'6" and size 8. Boo! Those of you who match that description can go ahead and order a pair (BZR Shop) while the rest of us look on with venomous envy! Hopefully it won't be long before she's able to create some tights that will fit longer (and, let's be real, thicker) legs!

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