wednesday rec: doll divine

Tell the truth: when you were a young webizen, did you spend hours on dollmaker websites, crafting the perfect alternative Goth angel version of yourself to put in your sweet forum signature (or "siggy," as they say)? I sure did! I also was a huge fan of playing with paper dolls as a little girl...I even tried to make my own more than once, though it never worked out very well. But of course, the time to play with online dollmakers is long since past. As an adult woman, I have much better things to do with my time.

The Tudors Scene Maker

KIDDING, OBVIOUSLY. Dollmakers are awesome! They're so much fun, and I'm honestly mystified by the level of customization some of them offer. You could get lost for hours in these things...

Hipster Girl Dress Up

Hogwarts Student Maker

Adventurer Maker

Marie Antoinette

For this one I mostly made dolls that looked like me (except for Marie Antoinette, which is probably my favorite of all of these. You can customize literally EVERY clothing color!), but dollmakers are also great for making character mock-ups. Maybe those of you who won Nano (congratulations!) can reward yourselves by creating some dolls of your fabulous cast to inspire you in your revising! Or, y'know, just spend an afternoon playing dress-up with virtual dolls; I know it made my Wednesday a lot cheerier!

If you do go play on Doll Divine for a while, I'd love to see the dolls you create! So leave 'em in the comments; it'll be like having a playdate across the internet.

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