job-o-rama and marc anthony

Like many unemployed fashion fans, I have now joined the ranks of retail workers! It's just part-time seasonal for now, but it's at one of my favorite places to shop (woohoo employee discount!) and really isn't too bad. It's only my second day, so I'm sure there will be drama in the future, but so far my biggest problem is getting used to standing for 6 hours. All of the customers have been quite friendly, and I'm still in "buddy training" so there's always someone at the next register I can ask for help. So, basically, sorry if I get a little out of whack; I've never worked a job that had such variable hours, so it's a bit of an adjustment!

In completely unrelated news, the menswear-enjoying readers of this blog should definitely check out the Marc Anthony collection at their local Kohl's. There are some pieces that I'm totally in love with, but really, there's a great feel to the whole collection; it has a really easy sophisticated feel, perfect for the guy (or otherwise!) who wants to look great without feeling overdressed.

Oh yeah, so cool. Image via Zimbio, more pics at the source

The Kohl's website isn't super helpful with the embedding and photo sharing (it's like they don't want bloggers to pimp their stuff!), but if I had to pick one stand out piece, it would be this cardigan. There's nothing about military-inspired fashion I don't love, and I'm pretty tempted to try on one of these myself! Especially since I'm spending a lot more time in the store for...reasons.

I do think it's kind of funny that someone whose red carpet appearances are...variable, to be kind, has his own line of clothes, but hey! I don't care whose name is on the label as long as it looks good. And these are definitely looking good.

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