girls of the silver screen

A long, long time ago, my incredibly stylish little sister told me I create some outfits inspired by film genres. And it was an awesome idea. We've all been inspired by a particularly stylish character (I saw 50/50 this week, and I was struck by Bryce Dallas Howard's wardrobe. Gorgeous!), but copying a favorite fictional icon's look can feel a little costumey. There's plenty to be mined from the genre itself, allowing you to take a more subtle inspiration.

indie flick

Take inspiration from the quirky yet infinitely stylish gals of indie flicks! Plaid, bright contrasting colors, and a touch of whimsical flair with the cute backpack (What self-respecting indie kid doesn't love an owl?) It's a little hipster, a little thrifty, and guaranteed to make you feel one set of fabulous bangs away from being Zooey Deschanel.

action star

The funky indie style a little cute for you? Maybe you should draw from action movies and dress to impress (and kick ass!) Dark and stripped down is the name of the game; you have to be ready to run from an explosion or get into a car chase. But glam isn't totally out of the question! I paired this look with some tattoo-inspired jewelry to stay a little edgier.

mystery vixen

If your glamorous instincts just can't be contained, go full femme fatale! Every noir film worth its salt had a mysterious lady floating through, looking irresistible and knocking them all dead with her swaths of brilliant color and dramatic style. I thought the keyhole ring added a subtle wink to the theme of mystery. The hat could take you over a bit into costume territory, but if you have the confidence to rock it, please do! Every day, I wish that dramatic hats would come back into style outside the Kentucky Derby and the odd royal wedding.

These are just the first three I thought of, but I love the idea of dressing to a genre theme. I'd love to find a way to work fantasy (Game of Thrones, anyone?) or historical film into my wardrobe.

What movie genre are you inspired by? Do you want to be an indie darling or maybe the charmingly eccentric heroine of a romantic comedy?

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