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For a little Friday pick-me-up, I want to recommend a blog I just stumbled across (isn't it amazing how a blog can be extremely popular, and you and no one you know has heard of it? I love that about the internet. There are so many secret pockets of awesome.) Advanced Style is a street fashion blog that features an underappreciated group of fashionistas: older people!

The ladies and gentlemen featured on Advanced Style display a wide variety of personal styles, from funky to classic. There are outfits featured that make me go "I want that!" and outfits that I could definitely see either of my grandmothers (who have very different styles!) wearing.

I think it's great to remember that the constant tirade of "new new new" that we get from the fashion industry isn't true. You can wear things past their "season," you can keep pieces in your closet that you'll be rocking years (or decades!) down the line. And when the media is busy telling you anyone over thirty (well, any woman over thirty) isn't worth squat, you can surf on over to Advanced Style and see ladies who keep rocking it into the 80s and 90s...there are even women who are still showing off their personal style at 100! Wow! Now there's a goal I can really aspire to.

I just picked a few of my favorite images through a quick perusal of Advanced Style; I heartily recommend you go and enjoy the uncoventional pretty! It's a great way to start your weekend. Have a happy/safe one!

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