fall lust: trenchcoat

To be totally honest, there are a lot of times that I sit up and go "that is what my wardrobe is missing." It can be any variety of things, because apparently my wardrobe is missing a lot, but the one thing that I constantly come back through the years? A trenchcoat.

There is something unbelievably and effortlessly chic about the classic trench. It makes me think of being the femme fatale in an old noir movie...except I'm also the private eye, vamping around the smokey streets and solving my own mysteries. A trenchcoat has been in style year after year with relatively little variation. It's truly a classic piece and one that will belong in your wardrobe for many, many years to come.

...okay, I've convinced myself. I need one! For those of you who need a little bit extra convincing:

The most classic of the trenches: a simple clean khaki that will always invoke a classic flair. Confessions: I despise khaki in all of it's forms...except for this one. I would wear it in a heartbeat.

But classic doesn't have to mean boring! Even a standard trench can have a fun detail (like the bow here, or some fabulous pleating) to make it funky and fresh for the modern gal on the go.

This Burberry trench is way outside my price range, but I love the dark, stripped down take on a trench. For those fashion fans who find more glam in the sleek and modern, going dark is super tempting.

But dark and stripped down aren't necessarily hand-in-hand! I absolutely adore the shape of this coat, and the funky steampunk accents on the back. Strap me down and buckle me in, folks, because I go nuts for useless accoutrement like this. I know that "put a buckle on it!" is basically the steampunk/goth answer to any design issue (if you don't get the reference watch this) but I don't care. They're cool! Nearly as cool as the asymmetrical hem.

Source: ebay.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

If you want a little more zing than classic khaki but dark isn't your thing, there's only one thing to do: go bright! Colorful trenchcoats are sassy and so much fun. My own winter coat is a teal trench-style woolen coat, and it's so bright in the dark, cold days. It makes me smile to wear it which is totally the magic of color!

My problem is that I can't decide! I love classic, dark, and colorful...what's a girl to do? (Until she writes a multimillion dollar bestseller and can buy all the coats she wants...)

What's your trench style? Do you like to keep it neutral and classic with khaki, get edgy with a dark color, or go full-flash with a bright color?

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