shoes of adulthood

You know you're an adult when these are the shoes you love:

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

and these are the shoes you buy:

The reason behind the sensible pumps? I got a new job! Next week, the world of retail will be behind me (for now). I'm super excited to be able to wear heels/boots/shoes that are not the most comfortable flats I could find to work again. And okay, they may be sensible, but I actually like these a lot! They 're classic and cute and very comfortable. Plus, they're navy, which makes them a little bit more fun than the standard black pump (which was what I actually went out shopping for! They didn't have the black in my size.) Although I'm still pretty passionate about those amazing Minnie Mouse shoes up top!

I had a request for interview outfits, so I'm going to whip some of those together for a new post. Anything else you guys would like to see?

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