apartment therapy style cure: the beginning

I have now lived in my apartment for 8.5 months, and things...are fine. Fine, but not awesome. I had this idea, you see, that my first apartment was immediately going to be the prettiest girl at the ball, an extravaganza of fine taste worthy of many a shelter blog. That is not the case. Don't get me wrong, I love my apartment! There are a lot of things in it that I love; I just haven't spent the concentrated effort on "designing" that I thought I would. It can be hard to set time aside for decorating when you're living your life. Luckily, Apartment Therapy to the rescue!

At the last minute (yesterday evening), I decided to sign up for this round of the Apartment Therapy Style Cure. Basically, AT will be sending me an email every day to give me a task or project related to redesigning a room and, when the month is over, the room will be redone! I will admit that I'm pretty terrified by this prospect. I've never done a room, properly. I've never painted a wall or done a large scale DIY project. The only furniture I've ever bought is the couch from which I write this post! But my bedroom in particular has been the part of the apartment that I really want to feel like "me" but doesn't at all. It's just sort of...there. All my stuff is there, but no one would look at it and say "Oh, that's Jennifer's" (unless they recognized my stuff).

So...wish me luck, gentle readers! If any of you want to muddle along with me, you can either sign up at the link above to receive your daily email, or just keep your eye on the AT website for new posts on the Style Cure. I'd love to know if you're doing it too, so drop a comment below if you want to share in the adventure! I'm going to try really hard to keep up with this, despite this being a super busy season for work (and for FUN. Yesterday was my birthday, by the way. I got older! It happened!)

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