summer style: bright color and bold pattern

It may not be an original style concept, but I don't care. My summer wardrobe for this year is all about bright colors and bold patterns - I've even dyed my hair a brighter shade!

In the past, I really haven't been much for pattern or even especially bright colors. I tend to gravitate towards blacks/grays and jewel or autumnal tones, and wear a lot of solids or occasionally "classic" patterns (windowpane, pinstripe houndstooth). But for some reason, when I was shopping for my new summer outfits I was seriously feeling like getting my peacock on. Everything I tried out was bright and cheery and I loved it!

And I've been getting way more compliments on my outfits than usual, so I guess the world digs a little peacock action! When you've got a wild pattern, it says "Look at me" - and if you feel like you're rocking it, you're glad it does! I've been feeling a lot more confident in my style I've reached the point finally where I have enough pieces in my wardrobe and enough accessories that I'm putting together looks I'm really happy with almost every day. (Of course, that combined with a blogging drought - a lot of that was due to my failing computer, but I have a new one now so I'm jumping back in the saddle!)

In addition to these dresses, I bought two more day-appropriate dresses from Target including my very first maxi dress (what can I say, in the summer I like to have my legs free!), but my wardrobe still isn't quite complete. I don't have any sandals, so I'll need to make a jaunt to Marshall's or DSW to make sure that when the heat really turns it up my feet will be able to breathe.

Just between you and me, when I'm strutting down the street in these, I definitely have RuPaul's "Glamazon" going through my head. Let's all werq it out - dance party at the end of the post! (Warning: not entirely SFW!)

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