help, help, i'm falling in love with designer coats!

I do not wear designer clothes. This is partially (mostly) due to the fact that if I bought designer clothes I could maybe buy one piece of clothing a year and would be forced into nudity and wearing old ripped up t-shirts from middle school on all the days I wasn't wearing my Designer Piece, and partially (somehow also mostly) due to the fact that I can't even comprehend a few odd yards of fabric being worth $500 and into the great beyond. Do you even know how much Mountain Dew and Urban Decay I could buy with that? (I would tell you if I wasn't an English major and could do math) I've only recently started to appreciate the value of good clothes and become willing to spend $100+ on a piece (willing, but generally not able).

So my ill-timed decision to start looking for a winter coat (in July! Who does that?) was made even iller (and not in the Beastie Boys sense) by my decision to check I found a lot of the sort of things that I enjoy about Fashion--jumpsuits! harem pants! Things that I can guarantee none of my friends (probably no one I've ever met) would actually wear, even if they didn't go for $700 a pop.

But then I saw

Available here

Oh my goodness.

It's like Shelli Segal (I'm not sure if this is an actual person or a brand, but it doesn't really matter) looked into my soul and took everything I would want out of a coat (dark, wool, double-breasted, collar, that lovely silhouette, BUTTONS) and made it into something gorgeous and far too rich for my blood.

And then...

Available here

To take everything previously mentioned and then add BUCKLES and a FUR-TRIMMED HOOD? Now that's just not fair.

This fashion story will probably not have a happy ending. I will probably carry on for another year (and quite possibly several more) with the boring black peacoat with black buttons that often seems to have more of my hair on it than my head does. But I can make moony eyes at the coats of Laundry by Shelli Segal.

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